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Of losing and dying and winning (on television)

A week ago, I set my phone to alert me for the UFC Battle between Anderson Silva and Forrest Griffin. And on the morning of Sunday last week, I got up just in time to see a couple of fights before the "main event" I was waiting for...

I ate my brunch in front of the television, (a usual thing when am hooked to the tv) and after a long wait due to commercials and a UFC teaser to pump my adrenalin.... Can you just imagine my shock when my idol Forrest got knocked out on the first round???? Yes, it was so quick, I didn't even get a chance to get myself together for the fight!!

I really felt bad for Forrest, all that hard work and preparation and to be beaten only a few minutes on the first round. Silva was indeed a tough guy to fight and even if he beat my idol (literally and figuratively), I salute him for being the better man and being a sport. I say that because when Forrest got knocked out, he really did offer to help him out and that makes him a better man in my eyes…