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The Good Old Days

*** submitted this write-up to a community paper but it didn't see print so it will now fill a space in my blog ***
The Good Old Days Neliza Marie E. Dakoykoy
Ever had one of those days when you tell yourself the good old days are always better than today? 
You reminisce about the days when prices of commodities were cheaper, jeepney fares were not as high, and coffee was just plain coffee - not some fancy status symbol? Sometimes I have those days when I think of how the old songs made more sense and was not just composed of random ramblings or squeals; or those days when kids really were kids and still played in the streets and bathed in the rain. But this day is not one of those.
Because today, I do not reminisce of how it was better during the good old days rather how difficult it was for us who lived those times.
If I were a historian, I would refer to the good old days as the Pre Call Center and today obviously I’d call the Call Center Era.
I was one of those fortunate who lived t…