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House of Quotes

House MD is one of my all-time fave series on cable tv and I guess I have stated that more than enough... hehehe... Anyway, as a homage to House, I have decided to create an entry of all the quotes I love. Here they are: (not in any kind of order though...)

* * *

Dr. Cameron: Men should grow up.

House: Yeah. And dogs should stop licking themselves. It's not going to happen!

* * *

Dr. Wilson: [To House.] Some doctors have the messiah complex – they need to save the world. You have a Rubik's complex – you need to solve the puzzle.

* * *

Chris: You're reading a comic book.

House: And you're calling attention to your bosom by wearing a low-cut top. Oh, I'm sorry – I thought we were having a 'state the obvious' contest. I'm competitive by nature.

* * *

Detox (series 1)

House: I take risks - sometimes patients die. But not taking risks causes more patients to die. So I guess my biggest problem is I've been cursed with the ability to do the math.

* * *

Heavy (series 1…

Our very own Paradise

Cebu City Zoo: Our very own paradise
By: Neliza Marie E. Dakoykoy

My First Visit October 8, 2008

Just recently, two new species of animals have been added to the Cebu City Zoo family; a pair of sheep and just last week, a big and not-so-commonly-seen Tiger. These two new additions have become an instant hit for kids and adults alike; especially those living within or near the Beverly Hills area and have come to take a peek at the less than common sight.

The sheep is housed in a barn-like quadrant a stairway down from the walkway, just a few steps down and you’ll see them in an open quadrant; you could very easily reach out to touch them if they weren’t too scared to get near you. One of them, most likely male, (I think you’d know if you saw it), had a horn emerging from both sides of its forehead curling down towards its neck; its horns looking just like the ones you see in mythical creatures on television. The other lamb, probably the female, is slightly smaller than its male counterpart…

Something for Nothing

Something for Nothing
By: Neliza Marie E. Dakoykoy

There is a familiar quote we like to use that says "the best things in life are free"; but are they really? The cynics would say that “NO, nothing in this world of ours is free anymore!” I beg to disagree though…

I am such a sucker for freebies. Who wouldn't want to get something for nothing, right? Especially today when everything has a peso equivalent, to get something for nothing is a wonderful thing!

So to get the best of the "freebie" world, I have here a list of friendly, tried and tested tips.

Listen to the radio. Probably less than 50% of the population know this and put this to good use, but the radio is one of the biggest sources of free stuff. Aside from hearing your favorite tunes, you can get tons of freebies; movie passes, concert tickets, GCs, and CDs are only some of these things. You just need to answer a few questions and you're automatically in Freeville! I am a certified music/radio junkie …

Road Kill

Call me melodramatic and mushy but I again cried my heart out last dawn while heading for home.. Why? Because I witnessed an event all too common in the Philippines - - a dog getting hit by a car. For a self-confessed animal lover like me, these events are just something I can’t bear to see. I have 2 turtles, a pair of love birds and have had a lot of dogs and I consider them family – its painful for me to lose them, especially if it was due to a brutal way.

This is not the first for me though, I once witnessed the death of a helpless kitten in the middle of the road once and that got me all torn up and I literally cried a river. I am not sure if I ever wrote about that though but that was a very sad episode. We were walking the sidewalk of Jones Avenue when I heard the faint voice of a kitten. I searched for where the sound was coming and it was from the middle of the street, a kitten was in the middle of the street probably looking for it mama. I was about to go and fetch him when s…