The Garden of Eden and how we mothers can save it!

Ever heard of the saying “An apple does not fall far from the apple tree.”? Let me give you a different perspective using the Garden of Eden story where Eve is the mother, Adam is the father and the apple is their son or daughter.

If you follow my line of thought, (minus the snake and sin part) both the mother and the father had a hand at the resulting apple but it was Eve who had the biggest influence. No matter how many people come into our lives and influence it, it will always be our mothers who leave an indelible mark in us! What our mother does or doesn’t do, shapes our very core!

Allow me to tell you a quick back story about a life-altering event in my life.
In my younger years, I was very fond of making greeting cards. I LOVED making greeting cards so much that on every occasion I created one and gave them out to aunts, uncles and grandparents. Making those cards just made me happy and I felt that giving it away to family, because I worked so hard for it, would make them happy t…

My Journey to Natural Living & four kitchen superpowers I’m taking with me

Did you know that on a daily basis, we’re getting exposed to so much harmful and toxic chemicals and that most of them we either apply directly to our skin or actually eat?? (Crazy, right?!) 
But you don’t need to be a scientist to know this because the internet offers so much information, it’s hard not to get paranoid! haha
Seriously though, in a world where “dishwashing soap is made with NATURAL lemon and an energy drink is made with ARTIFICIAL flavors”, we all have to take some extra steps to better manage our health and minimize our negative effect on our environment. And guess what, oftentimes this simply means going to our kitchen and re-acquainting ourselves with common household items so that we know how else to use them other than their obvious uses.
If you don’t already have these in your kitchen (which is very unlikely), visit your favorite grocery store and make sure you stock up on these items:
Baking soda Vinegar Oatmeal  Coconut Oil
Baking Soda
You may know this as the myst…

For the love of Legos!

Ok, let's be honest, Legos are a pain in the a**! 

For parents like me who don’t have a nanny and have to pick after my kid’s scattered toys, these small, seemingly innocent building blocks can seriously hurt you – especially when you walk around the house barefoot! They may be small but they pack a punch and the devious part about them is you barely notice them until they pierce you in all the right places!

Not only are they painful on the feet, they can also cause some back pain because you would have to hand-pick each one all the time and deposit them into their containers before you can get your much-needed sleep.

And yes, they may be small buy they’re costly and they’re tactically sneaky. They’re liked trained spies, they mingle easily and blend in among your kid’s rubble or anywhere around the house and they’re hard to track down.

These are the reasons why my husband and I love them and would gladly buy more of them for my son! 
Ironic right, but not really!

Because without these …

LIFE TAUGHT ONE EXPERIENCE AT A TIME : why homeschooling might be the best way for our children to learn and not a regular school

As a parent, what’s your biggest fear? Mine is “Am I preparing my son properly to live a good life on his own without me?” “Have I been equipping him with the tools he needs in life should I suddenly fall short in life expectancy?”
We might have other ways of saying it but I feel this is the most crucial element of parenthood – that we have the ability to pave the way for our children to live a good life on their own.
A road reconstruction that lead me to take an alternate route to work somehow made me see a signage that induced a degree of paradigm shift for me and would later dictate all my actions the entire day.

The sign read “Homeschool Studio” and in my natural curiosity, a Google search led me to a Facebook page and later on to a website for a homeschooling provider.

After a few more Google searches, some insightful conversations with former office colleagues and an article about a family in La Union with home-schooled children – I found myself suddenly writing a bucket list of thi…

Discovering the Hidden Treasures of Badian Cebu

If you've ever traveled to Cebu and are familiar with the municipality of Badian, then the first thing you would associate it with is Kawasan Falls. I've been to family trips over there and the go-to place has always been the famous tourist spot. Recently, it has also become known for Canyoneering adventures! My recent trip there though made me discover the hidden treasures of Badian and it is definitely more than just the Kawasan waterfalls!
Just this weekend, we went to Badian for our first out-of-town trip for 2017. We (me, my husband, our 5-year-old son Izel) along with my husband's cousin who is from Badian rode a bus to Badian for a much-needed and totally worth it get-away! 
And if you're ever planning on a weekend get-away soon, consider this your Badian itinerary with pictures and tips!
Destination: Badian, Cebu, Philippines Bus fare: 130 - 170 range is for Ceres non-aircon and aircon buses 
Where to go:
If you'd like to see more of the local scenery and save on…