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Look deeper and discover some and more!

I've decided instead of quoting everyone else, I'd make my own Quotable Quotes. This is the very first in a series of random quotes on life and pretty much anything! :-)

Created via Canva just like a pro but without much skill needed...

Thai Boran Massage: A great place to relax and unload

With my seemingly busy lifestyle as a working mom (of an overly-active 3 year old boy), a micro-entrepreneur who also happens to sell packed lunch at work so wakes up at 4am, sells home-grown taugi at home so sleeps really late at night during harvest time, has a start-up small vegetable garden patch (it’s really just a little garden but I’m trying to propagate a bunch of Chinese bok choy these days), maintains 5 different blogs and a host of other varied non-typical interests; stress is always behind me every step of the way.
I always know that I've reached my ultimate stress and tiredness peak when the back of my right arm (I call it the right chicken wing part) becomes heavy, stiffens and becomes annoyingly painful - that's when I KNOW I need to unburden! And that absolutely means I am in urgent need of a Thai Massage!

I've been meaning to get one for the past few weeks but was too busy, however, I finally got one yesterday at Thai Boran Massage in Lahug and boy was it su…