ambience is everything...

It's already 7:36 pm and I'm still at the office.. not because I am forced to do so but because I choose to be here.. I've already done my day's work hours ago but I'm still here because I need to write an article for our company newsletter. I just signed up and this would be my first writing assignment. I've been trying to get it done but I keep losing my momentum and I end up delaying it for later..

I still have not finished it and I just needed to get away from it for a while so I decided to write an entry on my blog.. Hoping this will get me psyched to finish my article..

Ambience is everything. This is the third trinket of wisdom that I want to put in writing. And yes, it is true, ambience really is everything.

It came to me during lunch through the comments of my officemates. I had heated my lunch, cleaned my utensils, prepared everything on the table, got ready to eat but not before I played music thru my phone for apetite enhancement purposes. And then that's when they told me, "ambience huh!" And yes, it hit me, I just had to have the right ambience for me to enjoy my lunch. I never would have had it otherwise!

Lunch was perfect! I had (thank goodness!) chosen a dish that was good and enjoyable! I had an egg dish and dried fish on the side and ofcourse, rice is never out of the picture!

For the benefit of those who have no idea what dried fish is, its a common favorite here in the land called the Philippines. Its just ordinary fish, salted and dried under the heat of the sun. It is a abit salty but you're supposed to dip it in vinegar or eat it with tomatoes to balance out the saltiness and. It is by the way, one of my favorite things to eat in the whole wide world!!! I'd trade pork and chicken to dried fish anytime!!! If there were chillies, it would have been lunch heaven!!

And yes, the food was perfect too but what made it even more perfect was the ambience. I had good food on my table, I sat in a lotus pose (a sitting position I am very much fond of when I am just hanging and doing nothing..) and I had music playing in the background. What could be more perfect, huh??

Just so you know, after that hearty lunch, I couldn't stop burping... That's how extremely pleasant my lunch was.. I was full and I mean really full. I had iced tea too! A real thirst quencher!

I think I gotta go home now though because the ambience right now is not very conducive to writing anymore... Its way too late and I'm the only one here.. My mind is a way too powerful tool to play with during this time of night.. So I think I'll finish my article when the ambience is just right.. hehehe..

Ambience really is everything, huh!


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