a new beginning...

As of today, I have pledged to keep a journal of the little learnings I get every day.. hoping to have a treasury of things to tell my grandchildren or just make me laugh when I am old and gray...

Here is what I learned today, actually I've kinda known this for a long time already and only decided to put it in writing today..

March 28, 2007, Wednesday

A toilet bowl with a closed lid in a public restroom is a scary thing. How would you like to open one and find there are unidentified floating objects... ewww.. I'd rather not! That is why, in this lifetime, I vow never to venture into the abyss of "what hides behind the closed lids". Unless, I have someone else with me, wanting to experience the whole thing wth me hoping not to puke upon whatever we might uncover, then I just might reconsider it.... Or, maybe not...

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