Its the start of another year!!!


I honestly don't want to start this blog (especially for this year) with any complains and qualms about my life yada yada yada.. But how can't I when I have aching swollen tonsils, am so sleepy and cant wait to run home for the day... Add to that my recent readings of how "not good" the year of the Ox is for those born under the year of the Rooster.. duh!

It looks like I have abandoned this blog, the last entry was a long time ago, a year even and those were just pictures... Thanks to the new trend Facebook, which by the way, is so popular because it has not "yet" been prohibited/restricted from use in the office. (Yehey!!)

But I do want to get a better, positive outlook on things so I'll do what I like to do when I'm down and under the weather. I like to write/enumerate/list positive things in the hopes of uplifting my spirits.

I've written, in a different blog about jobs I'd like to have so cross that off, maybe I should write about things to look forward to this coming year....

Ok... here goes... (I'' like to think there are at least 10 things to look forward to so I am going to start with number 10 and hope I can make it all the way to number 1.)

10. hmmm.... the prospect of starting from number 10 would give the empression of priority and I am just writing these all down in random order so I guess it is better not to start with number 10.

Let me do this again...

1. I am looking forward to painting our house purple and with yellow accents. I am such a sucker for color coordination schemes... hehehe... And violet and yellow are complimentary colors... I am going to paint the bigger areas purple and the accent it with yellow. I have yet to purchase the paints... hold up, let me correct that, I have yet to earn the money to buy the paints.. heheehe.. I have already chosen the right hue and know where to get the supplies from.

2. I am excited to go shopping for furnitures and fixtures for the house, I got my eye on this really neat dining table and its on sale!!! Yum yum yum!! I love sales!! I think I have the money to buy it already, but I have yet to decide on which to prioritize - the pre-owned refrigerator that still looks new at less the price or that dining table.

3. I can't wait to order the Airbed that I have been drooling for the for the longest time on television, I have been watching Innovations Channel just to see if the price has gone down or if they have any promos for the Airbed... I am sooo sold! I did have half the money I need to buy it but had to use it when I went down with a flue last week.. grrrr.... so am waiting for the reimbursement from our company insurance, I hope I get it soon. I just filed for it today.

4. I can't wait to decorate the house.... get a carpet for the living room, some bean bags and some nice lighting..

5. I am excited to look for the pair to my lonely lovebird (it wasn't lonely when Itoy gave it to me but it became lonely when the other one was horribly slain by the cat.. grrr....). I wish I can find him/her a pair that will suit him/her. I just love listening to the sounds it makes... you'd think you were in the jungle.

6. I am running out of things to write... or more appropriately time to write them... I am sooo looking forward to going home already and get some rest. My head is aching and I think I just caught a cold. Soooo... that concludes my blog for today.

Until next blog time... Happy New Year!!!

7:06am 01/03/09 nmed

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