A relaxing get-away….

If you ever get the chance to go to Busay, I urge you to go further and visit a very scenic and serene yet affordable place called Gov. Leyson’s Peak. It is located in Barangay Sayaw, Taptap Tupas in Busay.

Before you enter this nature’s haven, just outside is a group of vegetable vendors selling fresh off the farm and scrumptious vegetables at competitive prices. You should try their sweet corn, because it doesn’t disappoint and is very aptly named. They sell mostly at 30 pesos per kilo and you can buy them cooked or otherwise. Squash, carrots, lettuce, cauliflower, radish, and bananas are only some of the fresh produce available in this grocer’s heaven.

But enough about what you can see outside, it’s the venue itself that is a wonderful place to explore. For only 25 pesos as entrance fee, you have a chance to look at the view of the magnificent mountaintop terrains and feel the cool mountain breeze embrace your whole being. You can also go horse back riding for as low as 20 pesos for one round. There are also pool bars for those who love to play billiards, a karaoke for the musically-inclined and a restaurant for those who love to indulge in food. Or if you just want to hang without spending anything other than the 25-peso entrance fee, you can go hiking or trekking, you can ride their swings, you can lie lazily in their hammocks or bring your own food and have a picnic. It’s a great place for relaxation and meditation! It’s a great place for both couples and family affairs and gatherings.

While you’re there as well, do check out the walls in their restaurant and one of the walls in their restroom, it was constructed from recycled aluminum cans filled with garden soil and put on top of one another reinforced with cement – it’s a good use of non-biodegradable soda bottles and not to mention an innovative and great conversation piece. It isn’t everyday you see walls made with aluminum cans. It really tickles the inventor and appeals to the environmentalist in you.

Also, if you want to take a longer vacation, they have air-conditioned rooms that you can rent for day-use or overnight use and with affordable prices. You may also order from their restaurant to complete that romantic or relaxing get-away. The prices range from 150 per person in their open area to 600 for a room good for two persons.

I am sharing this because it really is a nice place to visit and hang out in; all natural and very affordable. We were there last Saturday, May 16; got me some veggies to bring home, had my first-ever horse back ride, saw some really cute tadpoles, went for a little swing, laid lazily in their hammock while watching the fog envelope the whole place, and imagined of coming back to the place for an overnight stay or even daydreamed about my very own wedding being held there… Awww….. Too bad I never got to take some pictures because I was not able to bring my camera… But I will surely bring it, the next time I go on a get-away to Gov. Leyson’s Peak…. I can’t wait!!!! I’ll add pictures here too when I have them…

10:00 pm
05/18/09 Monday

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