It has been a few minutes since I got back from my very hearty lunch and yet I still feel like I ate a whale in one sitting…. Must be my tight-fitting green jeans or I probably just ate too much or drank too much iced tea. I’ve already created a few calls in the system but my stomach still feels very heavy. Ouch! Ohhh….

I think I am a little happy because it could mean I am gaining some weight (because it is after all my aim these past few days) but if this gaining thing means I have to endure this bloated feeling, it might not be such a good idea after all.

I just unbuttoned my jeans and I actually feel better… hehehhee…. So, my theory about the jeans was right! And I guess my weight-gaining plan is working after all, OR could it be that my jeans is one of those mysterious shrinking jeans? Hmmm, it is quite a dilemma I am in.

I am going to go back in time to think of what I ate today that could prove my tummy is getting bigger: some bread, half a liter of iced tea which I consumed from morning until lunch, my lunch consisting of rice and pork with veggies and then some mixed fruits. Not that much, I think.

But earlier in the day, I had some rice and some pork with veggies as well. It is just my normal consumption, probably lesser because I woke up late and missed breakfast entirely. So, I really must be gaining some weight! But enough about the guessing, there is only one way to find out! In boxing matches, they call it the Tale of the Tape, or the weigh-in before the boxing match.

I should visit the clinic later, to get my weight. That is the only resolution I see right now, being in the state of dilemma that I am in. Before I enrolled in a gym (and worked out for only a few sessions, not even finishing my entire month!), I was below 90 lbs, if I have gained weight like I think I have, then I should be more than 90 lbs. Assuming of course, I didn’t lose more weight from the time I enrolled in a gym to now.

I am marching down to the clinic later, on my 15-min break to find out once and for all… if I have indeed gained weight or not. For now though, I just have to keep my fly open… hahahaha…..



Got back from the clinic for my weigh-in and…..
Drumroll please…

I am now 94 lbs, which means I have officially gained 4 lbs!!!! Yipeey!!!
My calorie-counting days have finally paid off!
Now.... to lose that weight… hmm… hahhaha..

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