Couch Potato 101

Invitation to watch some TV shows

I am such a couch potato, it probably is obvious thru the title right, but just wanted to share what is giving me such big laughs every lunchtime at around 1 - 2 pm after the Lunctime News in QTv. (Take note, Channel 7 again... I really should be asking them to pay me because of my loyalty to them..) QTv would be Channel 72 in Skycable and 27 in our local channel.

Anyway, after getting a sometimes painful doze of reality (i.e. news thru Balitanghali), you get a bucket full of laughs from watching Just Joking. It is a reality prank show that really makes you laugh, I know I do. I laugh so hard sometimes, my cheeks begin to hurt but no sweat because as they say "laughter makes the world go round" and "love is the best medicine" (go figure hehe...). I watch the show with Itoy usually but I've taken the habit at home too, and it is a big hit! (My mom could use a doze of laughter every now and then anyway.) Aside from the funny antics, the show kinda makes you realize that there are still good and tolerant people out there; believe me, a lot of people would be annoyed when for example a stranger takes stuff out of their grocery cart or sits next to them and grabs their coffee cup! Depending on what mood I am in, I might freak out too!!!

After my cheek exercise, my "mass comm" side is tickled when I watch Camera Cafe, a Nescafe Coffee sponsored little show that showcases office stuff as shown from a Coffee Vending Machine perspective. The short skit usually starts with someone getting coffee from the vending machine and usually ends funny as well. I think the idea is very ingenious and the first time I saw it, I was sold. I had initially thought it was a Filipino idea and that it was really brilliant. I, however, found out there is something like it in another channel, maybe Spanish or Puerto Rican; but I will always be amazed at the brilliance of the idea and will forever be a fan of the show. Try watching it and be caught in the web too, if you were like me, that is. Different strokes for different folks, remember?

Lastly, and just very recently this show was added; is the show called You Women. Probably shorter than Camera Cafe, it shows tidbits of usually comical kits about, you guessed it, Women. I think, it too, is a wonderful idea! The first time I saw it, one of the skits was titled "Best Kisser" and it was a bar scene, with one man on the opposite end of the room and two women seated beside each other both checking the man out. The guy takes out a cherry from his drink and puts it in his mouth, he then takes out the stem showing the knot he had just made with his tongue. The second woman, played by Assunta de Rossi, does the same thing but with two cherries. The second woman though, obviously trying to impress the man, took a strip of cloth (yes, cloth), placed it in her mouth and out came a ribbon! The man could only smile in awe and signalled ok with his two hands. (I would be, although, I might be a little disgusted too, she placed it in her mouth.. eww.. hehehe..)

So, that's it! My little invitation to everyone. I hope you can check it out sometime and hopefully it gives you a certain amount of happiness the way it did me. You may also want to share the stories with your friends, and give them a little doze of reality (news) and laughter as well...

As for the loyalty award, I have yet to work on that. Hmmm.... where should I start?

nmed 02/03/09 @ 8:56pm


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