Gift with a Peep-hole

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Have you ever had those “I know it would happen” moments when for some reason you just know something was going to happen and that something actually happened?

For some, it could be just mere coincidence like knowing you would bump into your crush and you did. (or probably just too much wishful thinking that it actually came true?! ;-) ) Some could be pure instinct like knowing it would rain even on a very hot day.

Some of these “I know it would happen” moments could come very ordinarily to us and some so profound that it is life-changing even.

Such was my experience that it made me think nothing in this world happens without reason and that somehow there are mysteries in life that are just too hard to explain, you just have to attribute it to something (or Someone) higher than us. 

You see, I met my son before he even became my son - before I even gave birth, before I even got pregnant and even before I got married. Long before any of that even happened!

I met him in a dream.

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There are but a few people who know this as I’ve shared to only a few for fear they might think it creepy or too “X-files-y”. I think it’s the opposite though, I think it’s an example of the very strong bond between mother and child. So strong it can manifest in a dream long before it even existed. 

In that dream, I saw him as a teenager. He didn’t speak nor did I. I remember it was one of those dreams when you just smile at one another and everything just makes sense.
After that, I told my husband, who was then my boyfriend that we would have a son. 

Today, as I look at my son while he slept; his head nestled in my left arm, 1 year and 4 months after I gave birth to him – I realized he will always be one of the most precious gifts I’ve ever received and something I’ll always be thankful for.

A gift that I had a chance to peek at even before it was given to me. A gift I was able to open before it even truly existed.

Some of the things in life are just too hard to explain and this is what makes life even more interesting. There are things you’d really have to wait for because you can’t foresee the future and things you know would come even before they do.

Regardless of how each of our gifts come to us; whether it be a real surprise or a known one, let’s just enjoy every moment. Gifts are meant to be enjoyed and life itself is a gift.

This is my son Izel Kaleb. 
Someone I met first as a man before I met as a little baby - the precious gift that came to me with a peep-hole in advance. :-)

March 16, 2013 @ 10:30am


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