A REVIEW: Baan Khun Thai Massage

I’ve decided to bring in some useful content to my blog rather than just my usual crazy thoughts or my weird ramblings.

If I run into a product or service that is worth reviewing (be it good or bad); I’ll add a review entry here.

My first ever review is for Baan Khun Thai Massage since had my massage there yesterday morning. I took pictures but I apologize for the low quality as I only used my phone to take them.

Name of Massage Parlor/Services: Baan Khun Thai (House of Traditional Thai
Location: Salinas Drive, Lahug Cebu City
Across Mormons Lahug before JY Square., & 100 meters away from USPF Salinas,
Lahug, Cebu City 6000
Telephone Number: +63 32 260 2500
Number of visits here so far: 3 times and counting

Open 24 hours a day and there is available parking space directly in front of the shop.

The facilities are new, clean and smell good. They have separate and distinct areas for shoes, foot bath, foot massage, and body massage. The massage area is confined so you don’t hear outside noise and the lighting is very conducive to relaxation. They even have free Wi-Fi; unfortunately I just saw the post when I left.

Prices are practical – you can avail of the 1 hour Thai Massage for only 150 pesos. Swedish is 250 pesos and Aromatherapy is 350 and there are a lot more services to choose from.

(this is a little corner in the reception area - I love the comfy couch and the accent pieces plus the big mirror)

Good customer service – they greet and welcome you in then ask what type of service you’d like to avail. I also heard the receptionist answer the phone and she was courteous and had an opening spiel. Even after your get your massage, you still get the homey feel. They also have a comments and suggestions box which means they value what their customers think.

Offer foot bath/wash prior to the massage – very important because therapists massage your feet first before your face!

(here is a picture of the foot bath/wash nook)

Loyalty card is available for loyal customers and can be claimed after 10 sessions – I am already on my third one. I’ve already claimed my free massage from their J.Llorente branch.

Therapists are very courteous. My therapist was Kathy and the “medium” pressure she applied to my massage was just what I needed to distress. I felt lighter and definitely relaxed after my 1 ½ aromatherapy massage. They offered me a hot towel and tea after the massage and the tea actually tasted good unlike those I’ve had from other places.

(they have nice frames and eclectic designs so I just had to take a picture of this one)

**** My Rating: 4 stars out of 5 – the place is smaller than their branch in J.Llorente and is near the highway so there is the noise and the dust from passing vehicles. There was also a problem with the AC system earlier so the lobby area was not as cool. Over-all though, I would definitely recommend this place! ****

Nmed @ 5:10am 08/31/13


  1. Do they have Male Therapists? Or do they only have girls?

  2. They have both.. I believe you can choose between a female or a male therapist. Thanks for taking time to read my blog! ;-)


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