Free Sample Pack of Huggies Dry Diapers

I am a self-confessed lover of freebies! But who isn't, right? Who wouldn't relish the beauty and joy of getting something for virtually nothing?

Just today, I received my freebie from Huggies Diapers via a free registration on Facebook. I just liked their page, filled out the online form, shared their page and voila after a few days, my package came! Yeeey!!! ;-)

I learned about it after seeing an entry from a friend on FB about it, I had to try it for myself and true enough they delivered a pack of 4 Huggies Dry diapers right to my doorstep.

Here are pictures I took of the blessing that arrived yesterday via LBC mail. Just another reminder that some things still do come for free.

If it's still available, go on Facebook to avail now! Here is the link to their FB page.

Thanks Huggies!!!

And now, off to hunt for other freebies... hehehe.. ;-)

nmed 10/24/13 @ 4:49am


  1. Wow...Congratz Miss Nel...Can I try too? I love the feeling of receiving freebies hehehe!

    1. Hi Haze.. I guess you could try but you have to have a kid first to qualify. Why don't you try that first! ;-) I've already shared the news to Jojo, Drexel and Hannie and Hannie already registered via FB as well. hehe...


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