I am A Slave to Marketing

I go to the grocery store armed with a list of things to buy and just the amount I need yet after the cashier rings all my items, I am always off!

But I would be and should be on target had it not for these "add-on" items they dangle to their products as live bait for people like me with a penchant for "canisters/pouches/bottles/mugs/spoons/etc" tie-ups to their products.

Yes!!! It is dreadful but I am a slave to this marketing strategy! They know my weakness too well and these capitalists use it to their advantage.

I should know better, right, but these tie-ups call to me and tempt me to buy them. It's like I am drawn to the grocery aisle that has all these displays of tie-ups and get-this-for-free bundles.

But it's worse than just that! Most of the time, I buy stuff that I don't even need just so I could get the freebie that comes along with it. Just a week ago, I had to go back and forth the bargain section because two things were calling to me. One was the Mentos Halloween Pack of 4 inside an orange tub. The second item was the pack of Nesvita tied up with a mug. I don't need it but it seems I still have to have it.

I don't think it's normal anymore.. in fact, it is kinda sick. And any type of sickness has to have a cure of some sort so I am documenting my journey towards healing.

I usually see this in some of the Psychology books I used to read in school but this is supposedly the stages that lead to healing:

1. Awareness
2. Acceptance
3. Internalization
4. Avoidance or Withdrawal
5. Healing

(Now that I just summarized the steps, I am not quite sure anymore if those are correct but I'll just make up my own.. hehe..)

So, I've crossed out the Awareness stage since I am already very aware. In fact, I probably have been aware but choose to ignore it because I like the gratification that comes with it.

I have also Accepted it and right now I am on the inventory of things I only brought because I like the freebie. I'll post pictures at the end of this blog for evidence. hehe.. If I get all those documented in some way, it adds to the realization that the problem does exist and has to be solved.

Internalization - now I am not really sure if I used the word properly but to me it is the stage wherein I try to analyze why I have this type of behavior. Try to link it possibly to my childhood or events in my childhood that caused me to act like now. Since I am not Psychology major, I'll have to rely on Google to help me figure this one out. I might even have to consult Mr. Freud if any of his theories apply to my case.

And then the hard part Avoidance or Withdrawal. This is the ultimate battle ground and I have to come equipped with my a shield and an armor so I can survive. (Sorry, I like to get all dramatic, blame in on my Mass Communications course..)

So my armor would be, every time I get the urge to buy something I don't need just because of the tie-up; I will ask myself these questions:

1. How much would it cost me?
2. Do I really need it?
3. If I bought it, would I still be able to use if after a month?
4. How many of those do I already have?
5. Do I gain something by buying it?
6. Will it make me a better person if I bought it?
7. Is it a good investment?
8. Who else aside from me will benefit from it?

But aside from asking myself these questions "out-loud", the biggest challenge is I have to fight the urge to visit the bargain aisle - something I just can't because my thinking is always "a good buy just might be lurking in that corner" and it would be sad to miss it. Gosh, just thinking about this part makes me anxious because that aisle is technically my favorite in the entire grocery section! Grrr.. this is really going to be a painful one for me! Waaah!!

Gosh, since this part is already stressing me, I'll move to the part that doesn't so here are pictures of "tie-up items" I got recently.

This is my third purchase for this month as it comes in 6 assorted colors, it is part of the McDonald's 2013 collectibles. I always try to get my hands on these everytime McDonald's releases a batch.

I saw this canister some weeks ago from a different grocery store and hunted for it when I brought groceries last week. There was only 1 left and I had to grab it. I have other canisters at home that cost much lesser and would still serve the purpose but due to my "thing", I just had to get it. Every day I subconsciously convince myself it is a good buy by always preparing 2 glasses of Iced Tea for my hubby and me.

I really hope I can do this... I'll update as soon as I have any.. ;-)

Wish me luck!

P.S. Just wondering... is there anyone else out there who has the same problem as me??

nmed 10/30/13 @ 7:58am


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  2. thanks for sharing this....

    1. Awareness
    2. Acceptance
    3. Internalization
    4. Avoidance or Withdrawal
    5. Healing

    maybe i need to reflect well in my life too... ask questions and focus on goals..

    1. Thanks for taking time to read my post. :-)

  3. Hahah, I can relate to you. I so like to buy things that have free items dangling with them too.

  4. I think there are a lot of members in that club.. maybe we should create like a Freebie Addicts Club or something.. hehehe... thanks for your comment! ;-)


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