My Always Attention-Catching Jacket

I have had this jacket for a while now and everytime I wear it, people always stop to read the writing on it.

I don't even understand what it means really but just brought the jacket because I liked the design. One time, an American colleague read it, had a boggled look on his face and asked what it meant; I laughed and said, I really don’t know. On a different occasion, a European boss in the same company I worked for previously read it and asked the same thing, my reply would always be the same.

Today, I wore the jacket again and more than three people read the writing on my jacket all aloud. To spare them the trouble of asking, I just told them ahead that I personally don’t understand what it means.

This appealed to my curious nature again and I thought maybe someone somewhere out there in the online world can help me decipher what it means. So for this purpose, I had to have someone take a snapshot of the writing on the jacket so I can post it here.

Here is the picture…

Can anyone please help me understand what this means – “Energy Takes and It is Profit”.

Could it possibly mean that “if you exert energy, calories are taken from you and that can be translated to profit?” or could it mean something else?

Any thoughts on this one as well? I would greatly appreciate all your comments and reactions. ;-)


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