My Top 11 Depression Busters

1. Listen to Music. 
Music never fails to enliven me and make my mood better. Of course, the type of music is subjective, but I feel that the 80’s music, reggae, and oldies are better compared to the newer and noisier songs. ;-)

2. Write it out. 
For someone like me who prefers to keep (problems and issues) to herself, writing is always an excellent avenue to vent out (exactly why I created this blog in the first place), share and just be in touch with my feelings without getting physically violent. Hehe…

3. Get some Exercise. 
It probably is just unreleased sweat wanting to get out of our systems so it might be best to try and sweat it out as well. (I do have an entry that lists the personal benefits of exercise and its relation to positive mood.)

4. Read something. 
Depression is not a lonely path, I realized that when I googled it – a lot of other normal people go through depression in different levels and some actually have to go through medical means just to get better. I highly recommend reading up on one of the major reference books ever written – the bible, as it contains a lot of positive and good messages. A notable site I just discovered today is, and it makes reading the bible a lot easier.

5. Eat healthy foods. 
It is true that we always want to compensate some emotional abyss by filling our tummies with pretty much anything, but it won’t do our minds any good if we fill up on junk and unhealthy foods. I guess we can indulge ourselves sometimes but never overindulge as it brings up another set of health problems.

6. Get away. 
Go on a quality vacation or spend a relaxing time away from everything that causes your depression. If you don’t have the luxury of time or money, just go to the nearest and most solemn church you know and just spend some silent alone time. I find that this does wonders during my down times.

7. Watch funny videos and read funny stories. 
When someone said, “laughter is the best medicine”, he was serious!

8. Talk to someone. 
It is never healthy to keep things bottled up inside. (I should know, I have mood swings and I am betting that bottled up emotions is the main culprit.) It doesn’t have to be someone you’re really close with as it could be awkward but just having a listening ear eases up the emotional burden and makes it lighter to bear.

9. Eat a piece of chocolate. 
This is probably contradictory to my number 5 tip but there is a scientific reason for this. (But of course, I am not going to explain it anymore, I'll let science do that for me, ergo - - -

10. Get a hug or a kiss. 
There is a thing called “touch therapy” at work in a mother and child relationship that seems to keep all pain and sadness away. Why not make use of that, it is free and you can get it any time by just asking for it. You don't need to get it from your mom (would be nice if you could), any good friend works just as well.

11. Pray. 
There is a greater power who rules over everything and puts everything together in a great masterpiece, which we are all part of. He is there, we just need to keep in touch and talk to him.

04/21/14 mon @ 10:45am

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  1. Just when I need these...I can relate to number 2 and 5 but I'm not eating healthy food. I often pig out...hehehe! miss you :)

    1. Hi Haze.. both glad and sad that you can relate to this post... glad because I am making a little difference in my writing and sad because you can relate to depression... I hope all is well with you though and always stay positive! Miss you too but am sure you miss more more.. wahahaha.. joke! ;-) hehe...


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