Product Review: Magnolia Pancake Plus (with maple syrup)

I always like to make something from scratch but there are times when I just want to get something from the grocery aisle, open the package, pour the contents and just whip it up in a jiffy!

So when I went to the grocery the other day, I grabbed a box of instant pancakes, cooked it yesterday and here is my review.

By the way, I have 2 favorite fast-food pancakes - McDonalds with their regular pancakes and KFC with their chocolate chip pancakes, but in lieu of those good ones, this is a definite must-try!

PRODUCT NAME: Magnolia Pancake Plus (with maple syrup)
PRICE: 31.80 pesos at Gaisano Capital South

The instruction was to add 2/3 cup water but I added 1 cup so I can make more pancakes and it still tasted great, no eggs and no orange juice needed. (perfect for those working under a budget)

After adding water to the powder, it mixes easily and not a lot of effort is needed to get the lumps out. (yey, no muscle-creating exercise here!)

The package says, “makes 12 mini pancakes” but I was able to make 5 regular-sized ones.

The batter does not stick to the pan, I just greased the pan on the first pancake and the other ones were easy to scoop from the pan. Ironically but definitely a good thing, the pancakes were not greasy at all!

Even while mixing the batter and especially after taking it out of the pan, the pancakes smell really delicious and inviting.

The pancakes were fluffy, tasty and really looked yummy.

The pancakes were very filling, and 2 pancakes can already make you full.

The maple syrup included in the pack was very useful and the little packet was just enough, I actually have some left-over because you don’t need a lot of syrup to flavor the pancakes. I also used Hershey’s chocolate syrup for half of the pancakes I served to my little one.

They also have another pack that comes with chocolate syrup instead of maple.

MY SCORE: 5 out of 5

I was a satisfied customer; my son too was, and said “Kalami” (delicious in Cebuano) when he ate the pancakes. It is definitely better than making pancakes from scratch because it was less messy and definitely not a hassle. From a price perspective, 2 pancakes from McDonalds was no match with the 5 pancakes that I got from this purchase. I couldn’t compare it with KFC because their pancakes have chocolate chips on it; this didn’t but worked just as well and tasted really good too. I might try their chocolate one next time or just stick to the regular one and just add bits of chocolate chips just to see if it really competes with that of KFC. ;-)

MY VERDICT: Go get a pack and enjoy it for yourself or with your family!

(This is the one I served to my little Izel, half is with maple syrup and the other half is with Hershey's chocolate syrup.)

05/02/14 nmed @ 12:56 noon


  1. Thanks for this :) . We're so about to try the product


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