A timely confession

I had an affair with Mr. C.G.

There, I admit it.

(What is with the rainy days that makes people go “confession-holic”? Or was it Usher’s song Confessions that I heard on the radio yesterday that triggered all this?)

I was with him during long commutes to and from work, during lunch breaks, during short breaks, in between press release assignments and other writing assignments, and even before going to sleep.

He was a welcome distraction during a time I desperately needed one.

I accidentally met him while looking for book 2 of the Mike Essex trilogy Tethered Twins.

He was intimidating and totally unreadable at first yet he was also very enigmatic and intriguing and almost perfect and yes, I succumbed to the temptation because it was all too easy to succumb to.

Even if I wasn’t with him, I found myself smiling just thinking about him. He is everything but boring and being with him was a very welcome distraction indeed. He showed me the perks of the “high life” that he is so much acquainted with and accustomed to, something I could only really dream about. He showed me a side of me I never even knew existed and reminded me of forgotten days with bursts of “amore”.

Ofcourse, like all good things, it had to end. He wasn’t married when I met him and now he is and I didn’t want to share. Even when he wasn’t married yet, I had half the world as my competition – at least the book-reading half. ;-)

Yes, a lot of girls know him and probably had the same affair I had with him. But he is married to Anastasia Steele now so “Goodbye Christian Grey, it’s been great. Thank you”.

Yes, the Christian Grey of the Grey Enterprises of the Fifty Shades of Grey.

Thank goodness for e-books, otherwise, I would never get caught with a copy of this book knowing the type of genre might cause people to raise an eyebrow or two. Having it in an e-book readily available on my phone, I could easily read it with a straight face (well, not really) in front of jeepney riding people and I would look like a normal person. (except maybe for the occasional giggles, shocks and eye rolling)

I found a copy lying around on the computer I was using while looking for another book in the Downloads folder. I’d heard about the book from people who’ve read it before but I never took interest in reading it – I have a very short attention span and novels bore me so I usually stick to short stories plus romance novels are not my thing either. But when I tried reading the first book, it caught my attention and I just had to finish it.

Book 1 was a page-turner and considering the reader on my phone was Adobe Reader, it was pretty challenging moving from page to page and annoying when I lost track of the page or chapter I’m at and have to re-read sections just to get to where I was previously at and yet I stayed on. Book 2 was still great although for me the sexcapades were getting a little over-rated. But when I got to Book 3, I got bored so I ended my short-lived love affair with the trilogy and incidentally the Adobe Reader application on my phone seemed to agree with me by automatically closing the book after only a few minutes of reading. (Talk about coincidence, right?)

I was also disappointed that the movie coming out in 2015 cast an actor who I felt was not the Christian Grey I imagined. I saw someone else as Christian Grey and didn’t also agree with who they cast for Anna.

So, I don’t really know how the story ended and I don’t think I would be comfortable watching it on the big screen in 2015 either, with lots of other people watching at the same time. (me sobbing at the end of book 1 might be awkward enough although obviously not as awkward as other scenes that Mr. Grey pulls up from under his sleeve.. hehe)

I still would want to know what happened to Jack as am sure he still comes back or to Elena because she is an interesting antagonist. I still want to know what happens to Anna and Christian ofcourse and how “his” conflict is resolved and how else everything pans out in the entire story.

Not sure if it is just my normal “short attention span” kicking in or just the slightly too serious mood of book 3 because there is marriage involved but whatever it is, I might have to pass up the Christian Grey affair for a bit of slightly normal days.

Who knows in a few weeks, I might revisit him and take on book 3 but right now, I’m back to normal days with no crazy hint of Christian Grey. I might shop online again for other science fiction books and bury my nose on those. I guess I handle science fiction affairs better than romance novel affairs - I prefer mind games rather than heart games any time of the day anyway. Definitely no heartaches involved!

The affair with Mr. Christian Grey, no matter how short-lived, was fun in a crazy and twisted way as am sure many would agree and I'm glad I had it. ;-)

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