aN uNwElCoMe ViSiToR

Mr. Murphy of Murphy’s Law had a full-blown party at my expense yesterday!

1. I rode a jeepney with a different route because I couldn’t find jeepneys for the exact route going to Colon.

2. The alternate jeepney I took only gave me half-a-butt seat that I uncomfortably clinged to until we were in the Ayala area and 2 people got off.

3. The route was way longer than my original route and there was heavy traffic during the entire trip.

4. Someone gave me a hard time at my previous office and I had to literally do some begging just to get my papers processed and my check released.

5. I was unable to get my check en-cashed because the banks were already closed and the money changer just happened to be on half-day.

6. My feet were already killing me with all the walking in heels – not even high heels, just almost flat heels yet there was a great deal of walking needed.

7. There were no jeepneys available because there was mass transport strike – which by the way, I was naïve to, considering I just rode an entire traffic-congested trip.

8. I had an appointment at 7:30pm but even at past 7, I was still stranded somewhere in Colon desperate for a ride – any ride for that matter.

9. Finally deciding to just skip the 7:30 appointment; was able to finally catch a ride on a jeepney supposedly heading towards Guadalupe but never got past Banawa because the jeepney wouldn’t continue towards Guadalupe. Do note that this is again an alternate route just so I could get out of Colon and be somewhere near home.

By this time, I really wanted to cry but instead laughed at the whole thing as I realized that someone was mocking and making fun of me. After all those series of very unfortunate events, my response had drastically changed from a pleading “my God…” to a feisty “bring it on!” as whatever could go wrong had already gone wrong.

I survived yesterday and was rescued by my hubby and my son Izel. When I arrived home, all I could do was lie in bed still dressed in work clothes to recover from the daunting task given to me by fate and I slept. When I woke up at 11pm, I still had to eat, do the dishes, prepare the milk and some other stuff before I could truly rest for the day but at least I no longer had heels on and was already at home.

Geez, Mr. Murphy sure knows how to give a girl a hard time… (hard being an understatement here)

Here is my thank you note for Mr. Murphy taped to my front door:

Dear Mr. Murphy,
Thank you very much for your untimely and unexpected visit.
It was fun but don’t come again – ever!

Yours Truly,
P.S. If you need a list of other people to visit though, I’ll PM you a list on FB! And no, we’re not friends on Facebook because I’m blocking you. Toodles!

Here is a cool illustration of Murphy's Law at work courtesy of

Fusspot Charles "Murphy's Law" from Encarnación Vergara on Vimeo.

Nmed @ 11am 06/20/14

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