A few random things....

Just a few random things I was wanting to blog about but have not had the time so they’re all going in at once….

Last week, I chanced upon a Zumba class at Metro Gaisano Colon store and I took a video to upload here but my computer access will not let me so I will have to forego that for now. It made me want to write about dancing and how I’ve not been given that talent. I’ve tried joining one at the IT Park before but I always ended up doing the opposite of what the instructor was doing – if she was moving her right foot, I seem to be moving my left.. grrr..I will always envy those who can dance. I should really try and enroll in a dance class and torture my dance instructor… hmm…


Right after taking a video of the Zumba class, Itoy and I went straight to the game arcade in Metro Gaisano Colon and I got excited with their new games. They’ve added 2 games that let you win stuffed animals after either shooting hoops or shooting darts and hitting balloons with prizes inside it.

I wanted to try both but the prize on the basketball hoops was more attractive so I went for that. You can play the game for 30 pesos and that will give you three shots at the ring. I was skeptical at first and asked the attendant if the ball really did fit the basket and so I was allowed some trial shots in between plays.

I only made one basket though (trial shots and actual shots combined) but went away with a little Stitch stuffed toy, which now hangs on my handbag as a trophy. ;-) Not bad for a 30-peso game but I was hoping to get the Monsters Inc stuffed animal, however, I was 1 shot short, I needed to make 2 baskets to get it. I’ve made plans to go back and win it for sure…I’ll practice shooting hoops tomorrow at the neighborhood basketball court, I really have to get that by “hoop” or by crook... hehehe… (hoping I don’t have to use the latter though..)


Yesterday, while walking towards Cebu Doctor’s Hospital, there were 2 elementary kids in front of me and their conversation went like this:

Girl: Ang news feed sa Facebook bah kay nagbalik-balik. Nag sige ko ug online pero mao ra gihapon ang news feed since last week, wa nausab. Unsa kahay nakaguba sa news feed sa Facebook noh?

Me: (in my head) This is not the conversation I was hoping to overhear from kids who just came from school still in their uniforms. I would’ve thought the conversation would be about school or play or a TV show they watched on TV but not FB. Times have indeed changed…


At the back of Cebu Doctor’s Hospital, I saw a beauty center with a name obviously very well-thought of - -Beauty and Veins. (nice, right?, an adaptation from Beauty and Brains…)

I admire those creative people who really put some thought into the names of their businesses. I was hoping to also get a picture but never got down to doing that. I really should do that one of these days…

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