Drawing 101

Since yesterday, while I obsessed about what to wear for this Saturdays debutante party with the goddess theme that we were invited to; and after googling images of “goddess costumes/dresses, etc”; I’ve started sketching what I think I might/should wear. What was supposed to be just a sketch of what I would wear quickly became more sketches of other dresses and designs. I took pictures of those so I can upload them here later.  (They don’t really offer me bragging rights, but certainly a start at gaining or improving my drawing skills.. hehe)

Honestly, if I had some talent in drawing, it would definitely be limited to stick figures, suns, moons, stars, flowers, spider webs, trees, apples, nipa huts and other very simple things. (Ofcouse the basic shapes are a given)

I envy those who can draw (and those who can dance) and even envisioned myself making my own comics! (Greatly inspired by the blog posts on LET ME BE FRANK, which I really enjoy reading) I can dream of course, right?

Anyway, just today, because I had a bit of idle time, I decided to go into Paint and draw something. The dress I wore today was getting a lot of attention so I decided to draw that and the rest of my outfit for the day.

This is what I came up with:

In the picture above is a dress, a bag and sandals. (Yes, they are sandals...) It may not show on the actual output but a great deal of time and effort was put into that little drawing.

Again, it is not a work or art but it sure is a start at doing and learning something new. I definitely need MORE practice but this sure made me smile at least a little today. ;-)

This gave me a little insight into my personality – that what I see people do inspires me to do the same. (i.e. When I read books, I wrote. When I looked at comics, I drew.) 
So, maybe I should look at more dancing, more swimming and more Math so I can develop skills in those. Hmmm…That could be a start too!)

07/24/14 @10:41am



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