Times are ever-changing and with technology came an era where everything is instant and real-time. Photography and its processes is just one of the areas that had gone through a lot of improvement over the years...

Here are some reasons why today's "#selfie" generation is way lucky compared to the older generations: (addressed to the selfie generation from someone who isn't one but experienced the shift...)

1.       You don’t have to wait weeks to get your photos printed on photo paper.

2.       You don’t have to pay too much money to get your pictures printed because there are shops that print for a peso or less each copy. You can even print pictures on stickers!
3.       You can reproduce pictures even without a negative. Before the heydays of the digital camera, you had to keep the negatives in case you need to make copies of your previous pictures. (And you’re asking yourself, what is a negative?)
4.       You can share your photos to everyone without physically handing them your album because of virtual photo sharing options and you can share instantly and real-time. Pictures from before had to be mailed via the post office to other parts of the country or the world and dedications were handwritten at the back of the pictures along with signature lines such as – Forget me Not or Just Always Pray At Night (J-A-P-A-N). :-) (Sa maka-relate lang... hehe..) 

5.       You don’t need an SLR camera to take professional-looking pictures because you phone has a built-in camera with the same functionality.

6.       One of your most favorite sticks is a monopod because it doubles up as a cane or a weapon for self-defense. You also don’t need to approach other people if you want to take pictures of yourself or your friends.

7.       You don’t have to worry about getting fingerprints all over your pictures from people looking at them.

8.       You don’t need to limit your shots to 16, 24 or 36 shots because you can take unlimited shots. (You haven’t seen a roll of film and if you have, have seen it during your trip to the museum. Or in this blog post...)
9.       You don’t need to buy AA or AAA Eveready or Energizer batteries for your cameras because you have usb chargers and power banks. You also don’t have to worry about whether the red, blue or black battery is better for your camera or not. (I just lost you on the AA or AAA part of the first sentence…)

10.   You don’t need to rewind your camera after you’ve finished the entire roll of film before you can move on to your next roll. (I have to say I miss the clicking sound this process makes.. hehe..)

11.   You can easily spot picture crashers because of your instant review capabilities.

12.   You never look ugly in pictures because you have access to multiple tools to make your pictures look good. You can look ugly on purpose though.  :-)

13.   You rarely have bad photos because the second after a picture is taken, you can review the picture and delete it if you look ugly or protect those where you look like a supermodel. Before, you had to line up in a photo printing shop, leave your roll of film, wait for at least 7 days to claim your pictures, fret and panic about how you looked in them and then when you finally claim your pictures – realize you paid way too much for pictures where you don’t even look good in or are overexposed and can’t do anything about it!  

14.   You can take and post millions of selfies and people wouldn’t accuse you of being narcissistic. In fact, credit even goes to you because you’re one of the reasons the Philippines ranked as Time's selfie capitals of the world.  
15.   You can selfie all you want and people wouldn’t think you were a pervert. ;-) (I don’t need to explain this, do I?) hehe..  

      .. And now off to take a selfie! 

      Nmed 9/29/2014 @ 11:54am


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