Drooling over Gorgeous Guys 2 (a sequel to Legolas oh Legolas)

Because I started one and feel that I have missed out on other hot and gorgeous guys so making a sequel…

I’ve noticed even before that I have a thing for guys with either long curly hair or are bald. This sequel will feature those with long curly ones. ;-)

Starting with Johnny Depp (who may be older but still hot and looked even hotter when he was younger..)

NAME:                   John Christopher Depp II
BIRTH DATE:      June 9, 1963 (age 51)
ZODIAC SIGN:    Gemini

Scott Speedman (if you don't know him, he is the the hybrid Lycan-Vampire in the movie Underworld)

NAME:                   Robert Scott Speedman
BIRTH DATE:      September 1, 1975 (39)

Ofcourse, who wouldn't know Tom Welling? (who just happened to play the Man of Steel in the long-running series Smallville..)

NAME:                   Thomas John Patrick Welling
BIRTH DATE:      April 26, 1977 (37)
ZODIAC SIGN:    Taurus

Probably not as famous as Tom Welling but definitely not less hotter is Aidan Turner (who played the intriguing and charismatic vampire Mitchelle in Being Human UK and who also starred as the dwarf Kili in the Hobbit2) 

NAME:                   Aidan Turner
BIRTH DATE:      June 19, 1983 (31)
ZODIAC SIGN:    Gemini

And last but definitely not the least (because I have the biggest crush on him ever!!!) is Jason Momoa (who played a Hawaiian hunk in the story Returning Lily and had me desperately researching who he was after I saw that movie in Hallmark Channel ages ago and now apparently plays a huge role in the Game of Thrones..)

NAME:                   Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa
BIRTH DATE:      August 1, 1979

Well, that's enough drooling for today...do watch out for the 3rd part in this Drooling over Gorgeous Guys Trilogy! (I swear this is just a phase...hehe...my mind is mostly out of the gutter - mostly, that is!) 

Me:  Waiter, extra rice please!!! :-) 

nmed 10/14/14 @ 10:43am


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