Drooling over gorgeous guys part 3 - Baldy

For the third and final installment of the trilogy Drooling over Gorgeous Guys, I am featuring my list of adored bald guys.. 

Starting with one of my idols Bruce Willis(any action-loving person would know him as the guy who goes through hell of death-defying action and still comes out alive only with a torn shirt and a dirty face and with a smartass comic remark to get you smiling...) He is one example of the cliche that says "men are like wine, the older they are, the better they get"! 

NAME:                                  Walter Bruce Willison
BITH DATE:                         March 19, 1955 (59)
ZODIAC SIGN:                    Pisces

Billy Zane (for those who don’t know him, he played the yummy mummy Imhotep in The Mummy Returns and have also played a few bad-ass antagonist every now and then..)

NAME:                                  William George Zane Jr.
BITH DATE:                         February 24, 1966 (48)
ZODIAC SIGN:                    Pisces

This list will never be complete without Michael Rosenbaum a.k.a. Lex Luthor in Smallville..(who could resist a rich and powerful suit-wearing guy who rarely smiles and is always ever enigmatic, right? I know I couldn’t! hehe..)

NAME:                                  Michael Rosenbaum
BITH DATE:                        July 11, 1972 (42)
ZODIAC SIGN:                    Cancer

No engine would ever run without Vin Diesel (or gasoline..) and with him in your engine, the ride is definitely fast and furious!! ;-)

NAME:                                  Mark Sinclair Vincent
BITH DATE:                         July 18, 1967 (47)
ZODIAC SIGN:                    Cancer

And who to better transport you safely from one place to another than my man Jason Statham..(who always happens to look great in a suit even if he’s literally wrestled with a group of thugs and criminals and always has that signature look…)

NAME:                                  Jason Statham
BITH DATE:                        July 26, 1967 (47)
ZODIAC SIGN:                    Leo

There you go!!! The last installment of Drooling over Gorgeous Guys! 

Thanks for putting up with me and just rolling with my eccentric and giggly posts for the past three days.  hehe... 

 Enough with all this drooling now and cheers to more educational posts in the future… (or not! Hehehe..)

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