Experimental Great Turn-out Recipe: Home made Cheese Lumpia

Nothing beats home-made snacks because you know what you're eating, you save money compared to dining out and the thrill of creating something and tasting it after is so rewarding...:-) 

So after I prepared vegetable lumpia last night and realized I have leftover lumpia wrapper and some cheese sitting in the refrigerator, I decided to whip this up and imagined they would taste great and indeed they did! 

If you have some leftover cheese from the recently concluded Christmas and New Year holidays? Here is a great way to use them before they spoil...

~ ~ ~ 

Home made Cheese Lumpia


Spring Roll Wrapper (Lumpia Wrapper)
Bread Crumbs
1 Egg 
Oil for frying


Prepare the following in separate containers and set aside: raw egg (scrambled), bread crumbs, lumpia wrapper.

If your cheese isn't already sliced to finger food sizes, then you need to slice it; about the size of your pointer finger should be a good size. I just used the regular cheese but I think this recipe would be nicer using Mozzarella cheese. 
Once cheese is sliced to your desired sizes, first dip them into the egg before rolling them unto the bread crumbs. The egg makes the bread crumbs stick to the cheese. To make a bulkier cheese, do this process twice after letting the cheese sit for a bit after the first coating. 

After coating the cheese, use it as filling for your spring roll wrapper like you would any regular lumpia.

When done, deep fry in hot oil until golden brown.

Serve hot. (It will turn gummy or hard or both when cold. I know this because I am eating the leftovers now in the office..)

For presentation purposes and so people don't mistake it for a regular lumpia, cut it diagonally in the middle so the cheese oozes out from the middle deliciously. :-) 

~ ~ ~ 

Try this one out too and get creative by adding other exciting stuff in the filling as well! ;-) I plan on adding some nuts or cinnamon next time I make these babies...

P.S. Pictures above aren't of the ones I made last night because I was too excited to dig in and had no time to take snaps...but they more or less look the same, mine just better! haha...(I love my own...hehe..)


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