Must Watch Movies: Taken 3 & Big Hero 6

If there are two movies that I would recommend you watch (on DVD) early this 2015, it would be Taken 3 and Big Hero 6.

If there was an Action Trilogy so worth all the wait and publicity, it is most definitely the Trilogy of Taken. Starred by Liam Neeson (whose signature voice is so right for this role because this movie includes many famous telephone conversations); it is action-packed, really stirs your mind and keeps you always on the edge of your seat – I know I was! 

The third in the installment was just as great and satisfying as the first two and my only regret is missing to watch it in a movie house. (But then, if there are affordable DVDs everywhere, who could resist, right?) I have to say though that watching it in a not-so-reliable media is not as good as watching it legally. (If you catch my drift… hehe..)

During my DVD marathon over the weekend, this was the second movie I watched and watched (and re-watched; not over-exaggerating here) along with my 3-year old kid. And every time, I burst into fits of laughter with the funny and kid-friendly scenes. 

A story about how a robot nurse and a whiz kid made a difference in the field of technology and in the lives of others, Big Hero 6 is the best mix of science fiction, drama, comedy and animation in a kid-friendly package – what more could you ask for, right?

So if you ever need to get that feel-good movie marathon this weekend, make sure you put this on your list – you won’t regret it! Take my word for it – watch it! :-) 

Here are their sneak previews…

Taken 3

Big Hero 6


  1. Done watching Taken 3 sa sine Miss Nel...Walang kupas si Liam Neeson :)

  2. Soo true jud Haze!! I can't imagine seeing another actor play the role like he does..way pwede ipuli jud!! Tingog palang daan, perfect fit na kaayu!! :-D
    You need to watch Big Hero 6 pud! As in!! You won't regret it, you'll be laughing all the way...ako until now it never fails to make me chuckle... hahaha...


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