For the love of Legos!

Ok, let's be honest, Legos are a pain in the a**! 

For parents like me who don’t have a nanny and have to pick after my kid’s scattered toys, these small, seemingly innocent building blocks can seriously hurt you – especially when you walk around the house barefoot! They may be small but they pack a punch and the devious part about them is you barely notice them until they pierce you in all the right places!

Not only are they painful on the feet, they can also cause some back pain because you would have to hand-pick each one all the time and deposit them into their containers before you can get your much-needed sleep.

And yes, they may be small buy they’re costly and they’re tactically sneaky. They’re liked trained spies, they mingle easily and blend in among your kid’s rubble or anywhere around the house and they’re hard to track down.

These are the reasons why my husband and I love them and would gladly buy more of them for my son! 

Ironic right, but not really!

Because without these Legos, I never would’ve seen that my son could design and build his own cars and pretend to race cars with them. Without these devious little bits and pieces, I never would’ve seen how my son could design and build a mini turtle-driven boat with both sides matching in design like it was based off a brochure or blueprint. Without these tiny pieces, I never would’ve seen my son create a space ship - get frustrated over missing pieces or call me to admire all his unique creations and draw me into the world he’s imagined.

I don’t think I played with Legos before, and for what reason I don’t know, but now I do (albeit more raw and novice compared to my son) and I both love and hate it, because my son does too! 

(02/21/16 @ 12:30AM) 

I wrote this piece back in 2016 and since then my son had learned to manipulate Legos better and can now make intricate designs at 5 years old. I took this video of his creation with movable hands. 


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