Just today, I again verified another earlier realization in my life...

I've been in the world of employment for almost 5 years now.. been with different companies, worked with different kinds of people and the greatest frustration I've been gritting my teeth on is ---

Ass kissing will get you anywhere!!! And I mean anywhere!! People have gotten promoted, have gotten salary increases and have been sent around the world just because they kiss ass and suck __icks!!!

Its true, call me cynical but it is true and I can tell you that straight to your face. And the greatest frustration of it all is that I AM NOT ONE OF THEM KISSERS AND SUCKERS and I don't get the perks they do!

I just can't do it, I don't have the balls to go about it and I can't and I won't imagine myself basking in the glory of something I only got because I sucked up to people in power.. That is just disgusting and very low!!!

I actually have an entry on ass kissing in my notebook journal at home... That's how much I love them!! Grrr.... In fact, I even coined a "phrase" or "quote" just for them, I'll have to see if I can find it and I'll post it here. Hmmm... If I remember it right, the title was Nel's Twisted Formula to Success and included explicit words in it. I don't blame me though, there is just so much to be explicit about with this topic... Oh, I think it went something like this --

To succeed in life, you have to kiss _ss, lick ____ssies and suck __cks!!

What the heck!! Then I'll never ever succeed in life! I might as well kill myself now...

And you know why, because I don't kiss ass, I kick them!! hahahaha!!

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