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I’ve learned “again” today that fruits with really high fiber content are not advisable to be taken while in the office - because, obviously you can’t just go flying out of your meeting room when the fiber kicks in and just has to go!

But I wouldn’t want to write about that in this blog, amusing as it may be for some and unbearably painful and embarrassing for me (although, that meeting room story is meant to over-exaggerate a point, not at all a true story); I am not going to ruin some people’s appetites. So, in the spirit of “kindness” (ahem) I am going to write about my Top 3 list of high-fiber fruits and vegetables, based on my experience of course.

I want to share this because having fiber in one’s diet is really good for the body, it helps flush out unwanted toxins (now, from what TV commercial did I hear this from? Hmmm..) and it makes you feel lighter and more energetic.
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Top 3 High-fiber Fruits

This fruit actually flushes out excess oil from your body – I learned this the very hard and totally gross way. Just thinking about it gives me the jitters; it wasn’t anything socially embarrassing though, just so you know… brrr… After that incident, I learned it never is good to eat “lechon” on a regular basis. Trust me!

This fruit’s fiber is so powerful, it even outplays-outwits-outlasts your digestive system; it is so good that you can still see remnants of what went in on what went out! It is a real survivor that watermelon and I cannot be more graphic than that!
And it’s an amazing fruit as well. Aren’t you even the least amazed how this very watery fruit is in season in the summer when there is scarcity of water?

In addition to its known anti-cancer properties, this tropical fruit has great cleansing properties as well. Drinking or eating it helps regulate your urine and bowel movement. Take my word for it. The “been-there-done-that” is totally in my vocabulary when it comes to this.

Top 3 High-fiber Vegetables

This veggie takes biological warfare to a whole new level; imagine still getting the hint of asparagus every time you pass air? This must be such a high-fiber kick-ass veggie that it can even sweep away air molecules, huh? So, be careful with this veggie, it is delicious (not to mention expensive in the Philippines) but it will make its presence known, in one way or the other.. hahahhaa..

Mongo/Bean Sprouts or my beloved “taugi”
This too, works just like the watermelon – what goes in will go out, more or less the same. This is a little discrete though, you just see it, not smell it like our friend the asparagus.

Dr. Nel states in this medical thesis states: The presence of squash, especially in high content is easily detected in the color of the by-product from our waste-disposal system. Also, the by-product when this raw material is used will also be somewhat in liquefied form probably because this vegetable is easier to digest.
Unlike my favorite “taugi”, you don’t see the squash in its original form; you see it in a more shredded state - thankfully.

There goes my kinda-gross trip to Highfiberland. Hope you enjoyed as well as learned a few tips no matter how weird it was presented here. Happy fiber intake to everyone!!!

Should you have any suggestions or violent reactions, feel free to comment.

May 22, 2009
11:06 pm

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