The Power of Product Endorsers

I graduated Mass Communications and for a short while was a Copywriter in a Ad Agency so advertisements are no new thing to me.... However, I had a recent realization and it really struck me.

Shopping for groceries is one of the perks I await every payday.. its one of the things I enjoy doing and is very fulfilling for me. I have noticed though my recent patronage to these products - Tide Laundry Soap, Vaseline Shampoo and just yesterday bought a TM Sim Card.

Let me tell you first about my initial thoughts on these 3 products, Tide is a product of P&G and I've been more of a Unilever fan so I don't buy it. Aside from that, this product is too expensive, I could buy more if I patronized the more "masa" or "common people" products. Vaseline, I have tried before and I know for a fact that it does not suit my genetic make-up because for some reason I always get a bad case of dandruff when I use it. Lastly, TM; I've had my share of issues with its parent company Globe and since then I have been a Smart fan. So those are my initial thoughts on these 3 products.

Just yesterday, this struck me! I have been buying products which are now being endorsed by my favorite personalities! And this is happening to me subconsciously that is why I tried to dissect it.

Now why have I been buying Tide lately? I realized that ever since Bossing Vic Sotto has been the endorser of Tide; I have since been a patron. Vic Sotto, of Eat Bulaga, is one my favorite local tv hosts and for some reason, I might have believed him when he said "tanggal na ang mantsa, tanggal din ang germs!" My mom has asked me not to buy it anymore because of the cost so I went back to my less expensive brand however, I still got 2 bars of Tide Taba. When you think about it, its still expensive just like I had previously said BUT for some reason, I still buy it!

Just 2 paydays ago, I had switched from my regular shampoo to Vaseline - even though I know I am surely gonna get dandruff again. I have been using Vaseline until now and am proud to say my hair looks more beautiful and is softer. I still get dandruff of course! I then thought of who had been endorsing Vaseline lately and it is the Carmina-Zoren family. And I do have a soft spot for this couple, I like Carmina because she is funny and cute and ofcourse Zoren is one my all-time crushes! Sure my hair looks nicer by using Vaseline but I still get the itch - - yet, I still continue to use it!

And then TM Sim when I already have 2 sim cards with me (with only one is being used) and considering how I was dissatisfied with its parent company's service - I still bought two! I have to say though that it was a bargain, the sim card was being sold in the streets at 25 pesos with free 25 texts and 15-min calls to ALL networks! So who am I to resist such a steal, right? There are of course other sim cars being sold but I got the TM ones specifically. It was when I got back home that I realized where I had fallen pray to.. The last endorser for TM was Parokya ni Edgar and is only ONE of my favorite local bands!!!

What am I trying to say really? I am just here to prove (and proved it thrice on this blog entry) how powerful advertising is and how a product endorser can both make or break a product. That is why it's no question why a company spends millions on ad campaigns.

My examples above aren't even examples of a "conscious effect" but rather a subliminal one. I didn't buy these products because they were being endorsed by my fave celebrities - it was an after-purchase realization that I might have bought them because of their endorsers!

This realization of mine has again given me a renewed appreciation for the advertising industry and the science of it. Because underneath all that glitz and glamor of advertisements, there really is research being done and a science or probably philosophy in the works. I will always be a fan of the advertising industry not only because of what I see but more so because of what I don't that CAN and WILL affect me - consciously or unconsciously.

To the people behind the ads; kudos to you for your talent and creativity and to all your research! To the product endorsers; I hope you understand the responsibility that comes with the product endorsement and only stand behind a product that is really good because people are going to patronize it because of you. And to the manufacturers; I hope this is not just all capitalism for you - because the consumers need high-quality products and services and EXPECT and DESERVE exactly that!


Disclaimer: The contents of this entry are based on the personal experience of the writer and are no generalizations on the products mentioned. No offense meant and no negative or positive publicity meant either.

February 27, 2010 Saturday
6:02 PM

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