MEMOIRS OF A SHORT TRIP: Canlawilaw, Dalaguete Cebu

September 1, 2013, Sunday - off to my husband's relatives in Dalaguete Cebu to celebrate their Annual Fiesta.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to take a picture of the home-cooked lechon but I was able to take pictures of some really interesting highlights of our trip.

Our adventure towards Dalaguete was via bus from the Cebu City South Terminal towards Dalaguete then from Dalaguete via habal-bahal to Mantalungon and finally to Canlawilaw Dalaguete Cebu.


(I woke up on Monday morning asking where the red light was coming from and realized the sun was actually bright red so pictures HAD to be taken)

(I know it's too early but with a view like this, who could resist a selfie and the "holding the sun" picture.. hehe)

(Why moths and butterflies? Good question. The night before, a huge ghecko aka "tuko" kept us nervous all night. When I saw all these, I realized he was actually hunting for food as it was very abundant there! These little winged creatures also looked very nice and colorful and we rarely see them in the city anymore - too bad. This is to keep them alive, at least even in pictures.)

(Pictures taken while strolling - view of the mountains and a fruit tree known as buongon)

(A 12-year old kid who drives the motorcyle - he could not even reach the ground while on the motorcyle yet he drives it! I know this is technically illegal but WOW!)

(My stroll buddies: the bald cutie is my hubby Itoy, the man with cap is my father-in-law Papa Matias, in orange is our nephew Matmat and our little jumping and running boy Izel.)

(This is me all covered up and tired on our way back to Cebu. I slept during half (if not 3/4) of the bus ride but I was acting when this picture was taken. hehe)

I am definitely going back soon! I just need to bring an SLR camera, water of our own because the water there made my tummy sick, more cash so I can buy more pasalubong and more time because overnight is just too short!

nmed 09/03/13 @6:15am


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