Our feature presentation for today...commercials! :-)

I love watching commercials and when I was a child, I remember playing with my other siblings a guessing game on what commercial would air next. Before the commercial even played, we would try and guess the next one. It was a simple game that took the boredom of waiting for our favorite TV show and made watching tv commercials less mundane and definitely more fun! 

There are a number of brands that really do a good job with their advertising and McDonalds and Coca-cola are definitely on  my list.

For as long as I can remember, there has never been a McDonald's commercial that was done in bad taste or was not well-thought-of and the same goes for Coca-cola. They really put great importance in their advertising and really have creative people behind it unlike some companies who notoriously have bad commercials (do you remember the Datu Puti commercials of Manny Pacquiao and Mommy Dionesia? yikes! ) and commercials that always make use of black propaganda to get more customers. 

No offense meant, but honestly, if you're already going to spend money and time on getting tv airplay (which is costly by the way); why not make it worth yours and your viewers while by creating a good one? After all, it is your brand image and you want people to buy your products and not make fun of it! Anyway, I am not here to preach about advertising instead share some really good ones. (Read about my post on product endorsers here.)

On a positive note though, I am so happy that a lot of companies are really spending time and effort on their TV commercials now that watching them is no longer as grueling as it was back then. From their theme songs to the core of the commercials, some are even touching lives and making us teary-eyed at times. 

Here are some tv commercials definitely worth another watch...

This is the latest one from McDonalds that literally has very limited dialogue but definitely says a lot!

Here is a cute one from PLDT Home DSL. The boy in the ad is not only cute but the story itself is cute too...

Here is one heart-warming tv commercial from Nestle Philippines.

This one from Cebuana Lhuiller is also quite creative and funny. I can relate to this because I am such an entrepreneur and every time I see it play, it really makes me laugh.. :-D

Jollibee also hits home (literally and figuratively) with this Christmas commercial. 

These are just some of the nice commercials we see on tv in between our favorite tv shows...

Cheers to Filipino creativity and hoping for more of great ones to come as well!!

nmed 09/22/14 @ 12:42pm


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