Summer Beauty Kit Must-haves!

The summer heat is really extreme these days (no thanks to climate change) but fortunately there are beauty product manufacturers who feel our pain and are ready to save us from the devastating effects of heat and radiation. 

These are just my recent discoveries but total “loves” and they are must-haves for any beauty/vanity kit from head to toe! :-)

Starting with the head and our crowning glory, the Loreal Total Repair shampoo is true to its guarantee! I used to have really thick and shiny locks in my teens but I seem to have lost that over the years and also due to do-it-yourself experimental hair colors! I would always wet my hair when I go to the toilet to tame the frizz but after I used Loreal, it totally tamed it and it brought back my hair’s natural shine! I don’t even need to use conditioner and yet I’ve had a lot of friends comment on how nice my hair looks! My hubby didn’t have to say anything but I knew when he touched my hair while we were heading up the escalator! Sure makes for “kilig” moments, right? ;-)

Now, let’s move on to the face with a base moisturizer Celeteque Sun Care Facial Moisturizer with SPF15. Prior to using the product, I would look at the mirror and notice the dryness and dullness of the skin because of our humid environment but after I did use it on a daily basis, my face seemed to have lit up and didn’t feel heavy due to the heat. I ride a motorcycle to work but when I have it on, I would think that all the dust would stick to my face but it actually doesn’t because it is not sticky and therefore is not a dust-magnet! :-)

Still on the face area (because I don’t want to end up looking like I could cook egg on my face); I add a layer of Pond's White Beauty Pinkish White Glow Lightening Facial Cream. It gives my face a matte finish, like I have foundation on but more natural-looking. I’m not fond of powder foundation anyway so it works for me and doesn’t require too much work too because I am so lazy at sticking to beauty regimens, I just place a pea-sized amount and spread it all over my face – economical yet effective! I’ve had a couple of ladies ask me what I put on while I was in the toilet applying it to my face, because the result afterwards is really obvious! It also doesn’t feel heavy on the skin or smells like hazardous chemicals which is super friendly to my sensitive nose! 

Last but definitely not the least is the over-all body moisturizing and I’ve found a reliable friend in Nivea Intensive Moisture Serum! I had a bad case of sun burn that didn’t peel off for while so I was really conscious about how my skin looked and had to use whitening soaps to bring me back to my natural color but I had to compromise moisture for whitening! My lotions didn’t work that well and so I had to test other brands and luckily Nivea was so worth the money! The cost is normally higher than your regular brands (other brands for the same size would cost almost half of the price of any Nivea product) but they really do live up to their name and branding! In less than a week, I immediately felt the smoothness and suppleness of my skin and it even looked more alive!  

Here’s a nice tip if you don’t already know it yet – ALL NIVEA PRODUCTS ARE ON SALE AT 50% OFF IN YOUR LEADING DEPARTMENT STORES – I’ve already got my two bottles of Nivea Milk lotion safely tucked at home but I would definitely hoard more if I had the money for it! Do hurry up because the sale is only until May 9, just 3 days from now, or until supplies last! :-)

Unfortunately I don’t have pictures of myself to prove my point (so I've asked JLo to model for me.. hehe!) but take my word for it, these products really work! And do try them out so you too experience the same results or even better! 

Have a happy yet totally moisturized summer! You and your skin deserve it! :-) 



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