Of superstar dreams and making them come true!

Did you ever have one of those childhood dreams of becoming a celebrity and getting famous? 

I had my moments back then! There were times when I would clean up dishes after eating and pretend like I'm on TV in my own cooking show! I would be like "ok, so ilalagay na natin yung ibang dry ingredients at ihahalo..." Or I would be in my room, look at the mirror and pretend I was in my own MTV! (I know... creepy right! haha..)

Yes it was creepy back then to be talking to the mirror pretending it was a camera but it isn't now - with the cellphone cameras, Youtube channels, Facebook live and all other DIY video-creation apps, it's so easy to make childhood dreams come true and become an overnight celebrity! Cue in Mikey Bustos, Charice Pempengco, Yaya Dub and Carrot Man! There are more ofcourse! 

I think I still have that little child in me though and for a few moments, I've had my 15 minutes of fame - I got featured in a full-page ad in the newspaper as endorser for my previous company, starred in a few videos for another previous company, etc. I'm still me though, and 15 minutes of fame is just what is is "15 minutes of fame".

But I'd like to help a little girl get closer to her dreams of being "known" someday as I see in her something I never had, I wasn't as passionate (at least at such a young age), I wasn't as confident, I didn't have the tools or the opportunities she has now and and I sure didn't look THAT great on camera! haha..

So yeah, this may be a small thing but I'm hoping it helps spread the word about her and what she may become one day if we help pave the way for her.

Her name is Shaneil and she is just adorable!

Check our her video here and like - even better if you'd subscribe to her channel because when she becomes famous one day, you at least have the bragging rights to say "I helped her get there!" 

And as for my own dreams of fame and fortune, if you'd like to help, you can check out my stories here https://www.widbook.com/wb/myebooks

You may also follow me on Twitter

And may all our dreams, no matter how small or big, come true! :) 

nmed 10/14/14 @4:18pm


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