Discovering the Hidden Treasures of Badian Cebu

If you've ever traveled to Cebu and are familiar with the municipality of Badian, then the first thing you would associate it with is Kawasan Falls. I've been to family trips over there and the go-to place has always been the famous tourist spot. Recently, it has also become known for Canyoneering adventures! My recent trip there though made me discover the hidden treasures of Badian and it is definitely more than just the Kawasan waterfalls!

Just this weekend, we went to Badian for our first out-of-town trip for 2017. We (me, my husband, our 5-year-old son Izel) along with my husband's cousin who is from Badian rode a bus to Badian for a much-needed and totally worth it get-away! 

And if you're ever planning on a weekend get-away soon, consider this your Badian itinerary with pictures and tips!

Destination: Badian, Cebu, Philippines
Bus fare: 130 - 170 range is for Ceres non-aircon and aircon buses 

Where to go:
If you'd like to see more of the local scenery and save on your budget, don't go to the major resorts and instead go to Lambug Beach. Bring a tent so you won't have to pay for accommodation and have more to spend on food and drinks! :)

If you're a fan of the shorelines of Moalboal but don't quite like the saturation of people, you'll surely fall in love with this mini paradise especially because you won't have to share every square inch of beach with way too many strangers. hehe 

Feast your eyes on all things lovely, bury your feet in white pepper-like sand, make sand castles, take all the selfies you like, talk to locals and tourists enjoying the beach, sing your heart out to beachside karaoke, meditate and just let go of all stress and be carefree! That is after all, what getaways are for, right? And if you're anything like my hyperactive son Izel, borrow a shovel and shovel all you want until your arms are sore and you sleep the entire bus-ride from Badian to Cebu! haha

Ever heard of the phrase, "When in Rome, do as the Roman's do?". 
This is exactly what you should to to experience the best of Badian - do as the locals do, ride their motorcycles and tricycles and eat their local food! 

Here are some pictures of our food crawl at their local market or merkado:

Lechon manok at 160 pesos 

Assorted barbeque 

Ruji's Batchoy
You shouldn't miss this place! They've been serving the people of Badian their batchoy for 11 years now so you know they got it right and are an expert at it! 

This is hanging rice (aka: puso) in its very literal form

And when you're done, leave nothing but footprints and only take with you pictures, videos and the excitement to be back soon!

nmed 01.24.17 


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